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Image by Daniel DiNuzzo
Image by Daniel DiNuzzo
Image by Daniel DiNuzzo

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What consent do you need?

  • Full Planning Consent

  • Outline Planning Consent

  • Householder Planning Consent 

  • Reserved Matters

  • Listed Building Consent

  • Advertisement Consent

  • Removal/Variation of Conditions

  • Approval (discharge) of Conditions

  • Consent under Tree Preservation Orders

  • Notification of Proposed Works to Trees in Conservation Areas

  • Non-material Amendment of an Existing Planning Permission

  • Prior Approvals 

  • Lawful Development Certificate (click here to read more)

Whether you are extending your home or business property, changing the use of an existing building, planning to erect a new one or an entire residential estate, I assist clients in producing schemes that meet their needs, whilst at the same time ensuring the best prospects of obtaining planning permission. I can produce the necessary documentation and drawings to support the application for submission to the Local Planning Authority. Please click here for more information regarding our architectural services.

Already have your plan drawings? No problem, I can take it from here.

In preparing your statement of case, I will produce one or more of the following documents, depending on what you're applying for and the constraints of the site - 

  • Planning Statement

  • Design and Access Statement

  • Heritage Statement 

  • Sustainability Statement

To satisfy the council's requirements, depending on the extent of the planning constraint I may refer to our third-party contractors which specialise in the relevant field. I can therefore provide you with arboricultural, ecological, noise, archaeological, contamination and socioeconomic reports, transport surveys, transport plans, drainage schemes, biodiversity audits and lighting assessments which you may need to support your application.

Perhaps you believe someone else's proposal will have a negative impact on you and your property?


If so, please express your concerns and leave it in my hands to put forward robust arguments against the case in a clear and comprehensive objection letter. 

Get in contact for a no-obligation quotation.


Many clients come to GCPP after they have been refused planning permission.  Fortunately, there is an appeal process that is independent of the local authority.  The Planning Inspectorate is a government agency that considers appeals.

GCPP has extensive experience in planning appeals for both private sector clients and local authorities. I am therefore well placed to handle your appeal if you decide on this process.  I will advise you of your options and prospects so that you can decide what to do.

The case that is presented at appeal is important because an inspector will only consider the evidence that is put before them.  You can leave it to me to present the best case possible to secure success for your proposal at the appeal.

There are four types of appeal procedure -

  • Householder Appeals Procedure (house extensions)

  • Written Representations Procedure

  • Hearing Procedure

  • Public Inquiry Procedure

The type of procedure is dependent upon the nature and complexity of the proposal. Whatever the procedure, I will represent you throughout.

If you have been refused planning permission then please get in contact for a no-obligation quotation. 

I will advise you on the best way forward.


If you have been issued with an enforcement notice or you think you are about to:  I can help.

A Local Authority has the power to pursue enforcement action by issuing an Enforcement Notice or Breach of Condition Notice depending upon the alleged breach of planning control. On occasion, these notices are accompanied by a stop notice. If you have been served a temporary stop notice then it is likely that enforcement action will follow.

Enforcement can be viewed as being complicated; however, I specialise in all enforcement matters.  My initial advice would be to act quickly. Early intervention is the key to resolving any alleged breach of planning control. So long as the enforcement notice has not taken effect (normally 28 days following its issue) you have several options available to you:  I am happy to go over these with you and provide constructive and informative advice, tailored to your particular circumstance.

Even if you suspect the local authority is considering taking enforcement action, for example, if you have received a planning contravention notice or a section 330 notice then please do not hesitate to get in touch, I would be happy to assist and advise the best way forward. Rest assured, you can leave it to me to present the best case possible whatever your budget.


Applying for a lawful development certificate (LDC) could be a far better alternative than the lengthy process of applying for retrospective planning permission...


Have you carried out works under the General Permitted Development Order?


An LDC confirms that existing alterations/change of uses to buildings did not require planning permission and were lawful. Whilst LDC's are not a legal requirement, they are always a necessity when it comes to selling your house, to prove to potential buyers that the developments were completely lawful. You may also need an LDC if you are re-mortgaging. 

Perhaps you or the previous owner of your property has carried out developments or a change of use without planning permission?

The '4 Year Rule' could help you. Unauthorised developments or change of uses can become lawful through the passage of time rather than compliance with planning policy. By obtaining an LDC in these circumstances, you will legally bring your development into line and avoid enforcement proceedings from the local authority. If the unauthorised development or change of use was carried out to a building that is not within Use Class C3 (dwelling houses and flats) then the '10 Year Rule' would apply. In any case, all you need to do is hand us your evidence and we will take it from there.

If however, enforcement action has already been taken by the LPA, the 4 and 10 Year Rule can still be applied to quash the enforcement notice. There are also many other circumstances whereby enforcement notices can be appealed. Please view my enforcement service for additional information.

If you seek to obtain a lawful development certificate, please get in touch.


This is the starting point of many projects to establish their planning potential - a vital step which is often overlooked by developers. Ensuring that your proposal is on right track from day one will avoid wasted time and expenses, and I possess the necessary expertise in order to do so.


I benefit from an advantageous position, having experience from the inside as a former local government planner. I provide realistic and frank advice based upon our extensive experience within both the public and private sectors. I am able to provide knowledgeable advice on proposals from small domestic schemes to larger housing and commercial projects.

Count on me to provide a comprehensive and robust appraisal identifying the constraints and opportunities of the site based on an assessment of the proposal against its context, history and planning policy at a national and local level. 


If you would like to optimise your prospect of obtaining planning permission and adding value to your site, please get in touch and you will be one step closer from doing so.


Whilst many plan drawers produce plans that meet your requirements, they often do not know about the planning obstacles, or if they do, you are not always informed of them.  The consequences of such an approach is a waste of your time and expenses on planning applications, where you have very little prospect of success from the start.

However, by using my architectural service you also receive planning advice from the outset, so that you are on the right track from the very beginning.  I identify potential problems and will advise on a solution that will deliver your vision whilst optimising your prospects of attaining planning permission from the council.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation quotation.

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